Read for Your Marriage

I am reading “Read for Your Life” by Pat Williams. The book is laying out the case for the benefits of reading. He tells the  story of University of Virginia women’s basketball coach Debbie Ryan who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and then read Lance Armstrong’s book “It’s Not About the Bike.” As she read the story of Lance recovering from cancer she was inspired in her own eventually successful battle against cancer.

I realized that during our separation I read a lot about marriage, separation, divorce, and reconciliation. Many of the references on this blog come from that time in my life. I decided if I got just one solid idea or thought of inspiration from a book that helped me hold on one more day to hope for my marriage – or to make one positive adjustment in my life – reading the book was worth it.

Regardless of whether you are newly married, happily married, in a struggling marriage, or even divorced, I encourage you to read and learn all you can about how to have a great marriage.

I have a friend whose wife threatened him with divorce because of domestic violence. He came to his senses and got counseling, but also dedicated himself to reading everything possible about communication because he knew that was a weakness of his. They reconciled and have become marriage mentors and teachers.

If you are mostly resistant to reading or can only handle tiny bits at a time,  subscribe to some Facebook Fan Pages or Twitter feeds about marriage. If you just can’t stand to read at all, find You Tube and other videos on marriage. Some of the best are at Divorce Busting.

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1 Response to Read for Your Marriage

  1. Jeff says:

    I do exactly as you suggest, and have been the last five months. I admit that it’s harder to do so now that I am divorced and I see no signs of change for the better at this point, but God won’t let me quit. And yes, I still have my wedding band on.

    The way I see it is, God will either reconcile my marriage, or I will be “single” for life, completely devoting myself to the Lord’s service in some fashion.

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