Playing to Win or Playing to Lose

During our separation as I struggling with what to do to save my marriage, and contemplating what would happen if  everything I tried failed and we got divorced, my counselor challenged me to play to win instead of playing to lose.

His challenge was quite inspirational. I decided more and more not to give up but to keep studying and trying many different things. I am so glad I did keep trying. He also reminded me that perseverance wins the race.

If you are separated and trying to put your marriage back together and even if your spouse still wants out, I challenge you to persevere in looking for every way possible to win your spouse back.

Pray, study God’s Word, search this blog for helpful resources, search other blogs and read books. Keep trying little things and be thankful for the smallest ray of hope – even if the only thing you can think of is that today is not your court date.

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