A Little Frustration with Men . . .

I often have men call me saying how much pain they are in because their wife wants out of the marriage, and how they will do anything to save their marriage. Typically I make several suggestions for them to try and resources for them to review. Most will do a couple of things, but often after awhile their enthusiasm starts to wane and they start telling me how this won’t work and that won’t work and that their case is different. Time goes on and they tell me or I hear from someone else that they are getting divorced.

This frustrates me when they quit and when they seem to try so few of my suggestions. Not sure why it frustrates me so much. Most of them are not related to me and most are not close friends. I know that if they would give God a chance to work in their spouse’s life and in their own life and in their marriage, that He can do the impossible. But so many don’t give God the chance – in HIS timing.

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  1. We know how you feel, Rich! Many want the quick fix. Galatians 6:9-10….thank you for what you are doing to help husbands understand they must respect and honor the PROCESS God is using.

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