Testimony/Choosing Wisely Before You Divorce

Somehow, probably through Sharon’s counselor, I heard of a DVD series titled “Choosing Wisely Before You Divorce.” It is a video series with a stark look at what you are facing if you choose to divorce. Ideally a couple watches the five DVD’s together about such issues as legal, emotional, financial, kids, and reconciliation. Each partner also agrees to delay any legal action and to do a detailed Bible Study about divorce.

Sharon was not interested in watching the series with me. I watched two or three sessions myself and then discussed them with a counselor. During the process I became more determined to continue to fight for my marriage because I realized how stark the reality of divorce was. There were some wonderful testimonies at the end of the series that gave me new hope that we could turn things around in our relationship.

This series is put out by the same people that offer Divorce Care and is in a somewhat similar format. To purchase the series go to Before You Divorce. I highly recommend this if either of you are thinking about divorce, and even if your spouse won’t watch it with you.

(For the beginning of our story go to this post.)

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