Testimony/The Hardest Part

I think the hardest part of our separation for me to handle was when Sharon made it clear that she did not want reconciliation, was unwilling to work on being reconciled, and that her plan was to divorce. It was so hard for me to realize that she had given up on us as a couple. I remember being at my neighbors’ house sharing with them and just in tears that I couldn’t believe that she had given up.

It was hard because over the years I had seen Sharon hang in there with our kids, family members, friends, church relationships, etc. through various ups and downs, twists and turns, good times and bad times. I had also watched her to be a woman of her word. She was very good about doing what she said she would do, and she was very concerned about honoring any promises.

Based on all I had seen in the past I was in total shock that she would go against her solemn word to me to love until death do us part, and that she would give up on us. I could grasp that we had major problems and that some of them were my problems. I could somewhat grasp that she didn’t have lots of loving feelings for me, but I could not get a handle on her giving up on the relationship.

I am so thankful that in the long run she did give our marriage one more try by going to a PAIRS workshop and that we reconciled. I am so thankful that Jesus inspired in me the perseverance not to give up hope for our marriage even when it looked like it was over.

(For the beginning of our story go to this post.)

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