Long Shots

As I watch politics, sports, and business stories it is always amazing how some people come out of nowhere when no one thought they had a chance.

I recently watched an Ohio State/Nebraska football came where Nebraska was down by a lot but stayed in the game and won.

Often times in our national history, an almost unknown person has won the presidency.

I am saddened when many spouses in a troubled marriage will often accept their spouse’s demand for a dissolution and give up so quickly on the marriage rather than going all out to win their spouse back even when it looks hopeless.

Marriage is so much more important than a football game or even a political contest.

It seems to me that when one spouse is set on getting out of a marriage it is the perfect time for the other partner to really be radical in winning them back. What radical looks like will be different in every situation. If you are in a marriage where your spouse wants out I encourage you to rise to the occasion – to use your God-given gifts, talents and inspiration to win your spouse back. Don’t be like so many divorced people I have encountered who look back and regret giving up too soon.

If you need some inspiration as to what radical might look like in your situation, please review my prior post https://stubbornpursuits.wordpress.com/2008/01/10/shock-and-awe-and-then-persistence/

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