We apologize to our regular readers for not having posted to this blog more in the past six months or more. Life got somewhat hectic  and for whatever reason we ran out of the energy to post.

Last year we started planting the Tuesday after Memorial Day, which was the latest we have ever started planting. That set us up for a late harvest. We took a mission trip to St. Petersburg, Russia; in early November, the kids were both home for Thanksgiving and we finished harvest on December 14th because of the late planting in the spring. The next day we left for Nebraska for our son’s graduation from college. And then both kids were home for Christmas.

Winter is typically the season when we have the most time to reflect and blog and it  almost seemed like we never had winter. We started right in on tax preparation in January and then had a wonderful trip to Israel in late February. When we got back from there we got an early start on farm work with hauling manure, tillage, then spraying, planting (the earliest we’ve ever started – April 10) and more spraying/fertilizing.

We are slowing down again; there is very little field work left to do. Now the main thing is trusting God for the weather we need for the crop. We have high hopes of getting back to blogging on a more regular basis. We really appreciate our readers whether you follow us regularly, visit us one time or check in with us on an irregular basis. Thank you for reading and following us.

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