Changing Your Marriage Alone: One Flesh Marriage Testimony

A wonderful blog that I follow at One Flesh Marriage just had a series that gave testimony about how Kate inspired incredible change in her marriage, even when her husband Brad wasn’t on board yet.

Here are the posts. Be sure to watch and see if they add any more to this series at a later time. At various places in this series they link to “Our Story” which tells more of their awesome journey.

Also see the post I just did about this same topic of changing your marriage by yourself.

One of the fundamentals in basketball is dribbling the ball. If you don’t know how to dribble the ball, you never will make a great basketball player.

I know I am hitting on this theme of changing your marriage by yourself again, but I truly believe that to have the best chance of reconciling a struggling marriage, one partner or the other has to grasp the concept and start living it out.

Sometimes most of us struggle to learn something from one teacher, but another teacher teaches us the same concept and we get it right away. That is why I keep linking to many people who are sharing the same theme in different ways.

Will you be the one to go home and make a positive change on your own that can ultimately lead to a marriage better than you have imagined possible?

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