One thing that really got into my heart during our separation was the need for thankfulness. I went through seasons of great anger towards Sharon, towards myself, towards others, and towards God. On those days (or hours or minutes) that I adopted a thankful heart, my life was better regardless of where Sharon and I were or weren’t in our relationship, including our times of barely speaking to each other. I got to where I told myself that everyday not in front of a divorce judge was a good day.

I was thankful that even though Sharon had signature authority on all of our money, I didn’t worry about her going and blowing it all on something totally crazy.

I was thankful that even though Sharon went through a season of being unwilling to see a counselor for our marriage, she would come to counseling with our kids as the mother of our children.

I was thankful that even though there were days we didn’t speak, I still lived on the farm in the RV only 100 yards from the house. I was thankful that in ways this was a protection from me getting completely involved with another woman – it would have been hard to hide.

I was thankful for the sense of God’s presence when I was out in nature.

I was thankful for people in Divorce Care who cared and understood something about what I was experiencing.

I have tried to remember to carry that thankfulness into my daily life since we have been back together.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 reminds us: “In everything give thanks, for  this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

Here is a great post about how thankfulness can overcome satan’s lies (Read to the bottom to get the full picture.).

So, what will you be thankful for today even if you are facing disappointments?



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