Help for Crisis Marriages on Our Website/Blog

One of my goals for having this website and blog was that when people call me in a marital crisis, or when people are searching the web for resources for their own or a friend’s marital crisis, they can get a lot of information in a hurry.

Here are two links on the blog for those needing information quickly:

Marriage Crisis

Helpful Info on Blog

Another thing to do is to look under our Tags to see which ones might most apply. Ones like Separation, Hope, or Affairs. (For those just learning about blogs if you click on a tag, it will link to all the posts that we have done on those subjects.)

A new resource that I have just found is the Facebook Page 1/2 Marathon Challenge from Christian Marriage Bloggers Association. It is packed full of dozens of bloggers who champion marriage. Many have their own websites with a myriad of resources to help relationships.

I am seeing lots of bloggers that I have never been exposed to before sharing some great ideas about good marriages and struggling marriages. Many have wonderful testimonies of their own healed marriages. It’s well worth browsing through them for resources and hope.

As you study what we have I would be interested in what you feel is most helpful to you. If there are some subjects that you really want to know about that we haven’t covered or questions that you are seeking answers for please let us know. We don’t have all the answers, but there are many ministries and organizations who may and we can help point you to them.

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2 Responses to Help for Crisis Marriages on Our Website/Blog

  1. Jay Dee says:

    Agreed, it’s been a great week meeting all the other bloggers and reading their perspectives on things and getting their comments on the blog to continue the discussion.

  2. Thank you for giving your readers one quick place they can come to get what they need when they are in crisis. Speaking as someone who is “in the trenches” with you, I appreciate your ministry.

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