Modern Reject: The Mystery of Marriage

The phrase Jesus used about marriage, “and they became one flesh” (Genesis 2:24), I think is more profound than we have often realized. I thought this post from the blog Modern Reject was great about what one flesh means.

This was great insight when she wrote: “We knew, in that moment, that the spiritual health of one, could and would, affect the spiritual health of the other.”

After Sharon and I got back together from our separation and really talked, we found out that often God had been working with us each on very similar issues. Even today sometimes we will realize that we are a little bit more out of sync with each other than normal, and we figure out that one or both of us has let our relationship with Jesus slide. If one of us gets back on track with our relationship with Jesus, it often inspires the other one to be more intentional about that relationship also.

I figure that we will get to our 50th wedding anniversary and still not totally understand the depth of this one flesh relationship, but that is okay because Jesus is always growing us.

What insights have you had about what it means to be one flesh with your spouse?

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