The Power of Facebook’s “Like”

The other day I made a post on Facebook and I realized that I had a feeling of being encouraged when a couple of people liked it. I started thinking, “Why would such a simple thing as a Facebook like give me a positive boost? I don’t think of myself as an attention junkie. Maybe I am one and don’t know it.”

I think it may be that it is just an indication that someone cared enough about me as a person to take time to read my thoughts and to click like to let me know. It is especially encouraging when I see likes from people I don’t know well or haven’t seen for a while or with whom I have had a rocky relationship. I also get encouraged on Sharon’s behalf when she posts something and several people like it.

On the flip side, I can also find joy in liking someone’s Facebook post. Having family and friends all across the theological and political spectrum there are times someone may get into a mode of posting several things that irk me because we see life so differently. Or maybe I have been in a conflict with someone and don’t have lots of warm fuzzy feelings about them right now. Being able to just like a post of theirs reminds me that although there maybe much in life we don’t agree upon, for at least one post, there is something we can.

I also got to thinking about the power we have with our spouses, children or friends to just pay a very simple compliment which may encourage them that day.

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