Rekindling An Almost Dead Marriage

One Friday morning I started a fire in a brush pile. Just like the start of many marriages it was roaring pretty good. Blazing Fire - edited Then on Monday, after two or three inches of rain and cold weather, the fire looked pretty dead. When I walked up to it all I saw was the black and grey ashes. This is like many marriages after 10, 20 or 30 years of married life, relationship challenges, and maybe a separation or just a hard season of marriage. From the outside looking in the marriage looks dead. Embers - Edited After I stirred up some of the dead-looking embers, notice the blaze (in the center of the picture) that was rekindled. I did not strike any match; this rekindled by itself. Even though your marriage may look dead, if there are just a few of the tiniest embers of love left, your marriage can be rekindled if you stir what is left. If I had added some dry paper and wood do you think I could have had a roaring fire again? What fuel do you need to add to the embers of your marriage to have a roaring fire of a marriage again?

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