The Work of Reconciliation Was Worth It

I am so thankful that with Jesus’s help my wife and I persevered through our separation of sixteen months until we reconciled our marriage. I have shared some of our journey in previous posts. I want to testify that the hard work of reconciliation, though painful, was worth it.

When we were at my son’s wedding several years ago, I looked around and realized I was so thankful we had reconciled. If we had dissolved our own marriage, going to our son’s wedding would have been very different and probably emotionally painful. We would have most likely had the cost of separate travel, separate lodging and who knows what level of with each other. As it was, because we had reconciled, we sat together and were able to truly enjoy our son’s wedding with no added drama for them or for us. At that moment I was so thankful we were together.

Another time I was very aware of the blessing of being back together was at the birth of our first grandchild. Our son, his wife, and our granddaughter live more than 800 miles from us, so again we would have had separate travel, separate lodging and maybe even separate times to meet our granddaughter. I was just so thankful we could all be together without the awkwardness that comes from divorce.

Over the last 15 years since we have reconciled, we have both had some health issues that would have been a challenge both emotionally and physically if we had not had each other for help.

I am not consciously aware every day of how wonderful it is to be back together, but from time to time I just ponder what having separate lives might have been like and I am so thankful that we stayed together.

So if you are in some type of marriage crisis right now and you are on the fence whether the effort and pain of reconciling is worth it, I just want to encourage you that I had days like that also when we were separated. Looking back now I am so thankful we rolled up our sleeves, so to speak, and persevered through many challenges and are now back together.

My hope is that from various resources on this blog you can find help to persevere until better days in your own marriage, even if today it looks hopeless.

Matthew 19:26 (NASB) says, “And looking upon them Jesus said to them, ‘With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’”

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1 Response to The Work of Reconciliation Was Worth It

  1. Amen! God can do it! SO glad you reconciled! Sarah and I were talking about that when she visited us!

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