Purpose For This Blog and Website

My main goal when I started this blog/website was to have one place on the internet where I could link resources primarily about marriage and relationships that I had found either helpful during our separation or helpful since we have been back together. So often when I was sharing with others about resources, I could not remember the exact URL or the URL would change. So now I can just point people to this website with a name of a resource and it is easy for them to find.

I try to have a broad range of relationship resources including for pre-married couples, married couples who are looking to grow their marriages, married couples who are separated, and couples who are divorced. There are lots of general relationship resources also. My goal in blogging is to give encouragement and helpful information to people at all stages of relationships and to share parts of our own story as an encouragement to others.

I really don’t have a blogging schedule. When I feel like I have something helpful to say and I have time and energy, I write a post. Some seasons over the last several years I have posted fairly often and other seasons I don’t post for quite a while.

What resources have you found most helpful on this website? Are there some resources that you would like to see included? What blogging topics have you found most helpful and what other topics would you like to see me write about?



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