Divorce Care

If you are separated or divorced, I highly suggest checking out Divorce Care. Divorce Care is a 13-week video driven small group. You meet weekly with other people experiencing separation or divorce and watch a video covering the topics listed here. Each week in the video several of these experts  share their professional expertise and sometimes their own personal  journey. Also in the videos people share about their struggles and triumphs surrounding that week’s topic. In the small group after watching the video participants share their own journey and encourage one another.*

I actually went to three different groups during our separation. Being in Divorce Care groups actually helped me pull out of my depressed state and I think laid some groundwork for us to reconcile because I was mentally and emotionally healthier. Even though we did not divorce, our 16-month separation was long enough that I related to a lot of the emotions that people were going through who were divorced or divorcing. One week was dedicated to reconciliation which was very helpful and gave me a lot of hope.

Most Divorce Care groups that I know about allow you to join in any week. If you go to the home page  and put in your Zip code you can find the groups near you.

If you are searching for information on topics related to divorce I would suggest reviewing the list of experts  because many of them have books or blogs on topics related to separation and divorce. Also, there are lots of resources in Divorce Care’s Personal Help Store. 

What questions do you have about Divorce Care?

What topics around separation or divorce are you looking for resources?

 *During Covid-19 quarantine some groups are meeting online.
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