Discouragement While Hoping for Reconciliation

It is quite common during a marital separation to get very discouraging comments from friends, family, acquaintances, and, yes, even church members or leaders, about the  low probability of reconciling your marriage. I found that at some point in time I had to lay all those comments aside and decide that it was my life and my marriage and I was not giving up.

So often when you read stories of great feats whether in business, on the battlefield, or in sports, a key theme of those who reached the top was the fact that people had told them they couldn’t do it, or it couldn’t be done. Somehow they found it within themselves to push past all of that and just get the job done, whatever it was.

I can’t tell you exactly how to get to that point of absolute determination when it comes to your marriage – although asking God for the strength sure helps. I can tell you that in most couples who come back from a major separation to a reconciled marriage one partner or the other got to that point of determination.

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