Marriage Reconciliation Testimonies

From my time of being separated I know it is so hard to keep hope for reconciliation alive but whenever I heard testimonies of reconciliation I had a fresh hope ignited in me.

One time I was out of town and went forward for prayer after a church service. A couple came up to pray with me and I learned they had been in a deeply troubled marriage at one time but reconciled.

Another time I was at a men’s prayer breakfast at a church out of town. When I shared as a prayer concern my separation two men came to me and spent a lot of the day sharing their stories of reconciliation.

As I have mentioned before Divorce Care has both the Divorce Care program and the Choosing Wisely Before You Divorce DVD series that have strong testimonies of reconciliation.

At Rejoice Ministries they have testimonies here and if you subscribe to their daily email Charlyne Cares each Saturday is dedicated to testimonies.

Something I have done just today is to search with Google and at YouTube for words like marriage reconciliation, marriage reconciliation testimonies, etc. Other terms such as restored marriages would probably be helpful also. What is amazing is that those searches found people and ministries that I know. (Disclaimer: Yes, you need to be discerning anytime you search on the web. Even seemingly innocent words can pull up whacky stuff.)

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