Using Premarital Curriculum to Help Build a Strong Foundation

Even if you have struggled in your own marriage encourage young people you know who are engaged to go through a good premarital course. The help available now is so far superior to what was available when we got married almost 25 years ago.

Most of our problems showed themselves in the first year of marriage. We may have been able to nip some of those in the bud if we would have had a good premarital course and/or some mentoring.

One resource we are using and are very impressed with is “Before ‘I Do'” by K. Jason Krafsky. You can learn about it at To see a list of providers who use it click here

Many communities have some sort of community marriage initiative that will link you to resources for premarital “counseling”. You could Google your town name with words such as premarital prep.

If you are struggling in your own marriage get a copy of a premarital program and study it for yourself. See what parts of the foundation you missed and start rebuilding it now. It’s never too late.

Most couples I know who have reconciled have gone back to square one of dating – getting to know one another and laying a new foundation. This “Before ‘I Do'” curriculum is a great place to begin.

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