Facebook: “It’s Complicated”

In a Facebook profile you can put your relationship status as “It’s Complicated”. If you are married, even if you are separated, or deeply struggling in your marriage, I encourage you to keep your status as “Married.” “It’s Complicated” can tell your spouse that you are giving up and it tells the world the same. And, if you’re giving up why should they try?

Your relationship may be a real challenge. You may not be sure if you will stay married, but you are  married right now. Leaving your status as “Married” communicates to those around you that you still consider yourself married and have at least a tiny ray of hope of staying married. It tells  your spouse the same and may give them hope.

Changing from “Married” to “It’s Complicated” is sort of like taking your wedding ring off when you are still married. So keep the ring on and keep your status as “Married”!!

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