Simple Romance

Here are some simple romantic ideas.

  • Write notes to each other on the mirror using a dry erase marker.
  • Write little love notes or notes of encouragement on Post-it notes and put them places your spouse will find.
  • Pick some flowers or blooms from trees or bushes in your yard and give to your spouse.
  • Watch for cheap flower sales in your grocery. I can often get 6 or 8 carnations or other flowers for $3 or $4  in my grocery and they will last a week.
  • Send short texts or e mails to your spouse.
  • Go for a walk with your spouse.
  • On the spur of the moment, take your spouse to the local coffee shop and focus on listening to them and sharing.
  • Watch for “I love you”, friendship or romance cards on sale for a dollar or two at your local grocery, drug store, or dollar store and give them at unexpected times.
  • Buy some cards that are blank inside to give from time to time sharing your own thoughts and feelings.

Weekends away or fancy dinners are nice and wonderful, but for most couples they are not affordable very often. There are lots of simple things like the suggestions above that can be done on an ongoing basis to keep romance alive. They don’t have to cost much to make your spouse feel special.

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