Save My Marriage / Intensives

One thing to consider in a crisis marriage is to invite your spouse to a marriage intensive. There are quite a few of these in different price ranges and different localities with different emphasis. Study them all and pick the ones most likely to get a “yes” from your spouse. My encouragement is if there is one that he/she says yes to – even if it is not your first choice – go! and participate fully.

One of the oldest and most established is Retrouvaille. Weekends are held all over the country led by volunteers – most who have been through their own crisis. The curriculum is the same anywhere you go, but the presenters weave their own personal stories in as they teach. A donation is requested but not required.

If adultery has been involved, there are Hope and Healing weekend intensives led by Gary and Mona Shriver who recovered from an affair in their own marriage.

A well established intensive led by professional counselors  is offered by the National Institute of Marriage.  You have an option to be assigned to a group of couples or to do a private intensive.

Emerson and Sarah Eggerichs who wrote “Love and Respect” offer intensives.

We sometimes hold intensives through our ministry mostly focused on teaching PAIRS communication tools interweaving our testimony.

If there is active abuse, adultery, or addiction we recommend that you go to someone with more specialized training. However, if those issues are not a problem and you would be interested in an intensive with us please contact us.

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