Anniversary of Engagement

I wrote the post below on  the week leading up to the anniversary of our engagement in May. Somehow it got lost in draft mode. When I found it again just reading it brought back good memories of our engagement and tapped into those deep feelings of love for Sharon.

Anytime is a good time to reflect upon the happy moments of your time together as a couple. Those memories will help carry you through the rough spots.

Wednesday, May 25th was the 26th anniversary of our engagement by date. The Saturday before Memorial Day is the 26th anniversary of our engagement by day of the week.  As is typical and amusing in our marriage, Sharon tends to remember it by date and I remember it by the day of the week. The beauty of this is that we have more time and reasons to celebrate being together and for staying together through the hard times.

I am more in love now with Sharon than I was when I asked her to marry me. In spite of our struggles I would still marry her again and I am thankful Jesus brought us together and has kept us together.

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