Self Nurturing in Marriage or Separation

When we were separated and I did Marriage 911 one of the first lessons was to think of some things that you enjoyed doing by yourself that were not expensive, illegal, or immoral, and then go do them. The principle is that we each have some things that we enjoy doing alone that renew us. Then when we come back together with our partner we are refreshed and have more to bring to the relationship.

Personally I like to get out in nature by myself. Maybe I will walk the bike path or walk our property or go to a park. I may just enjoy God’s creation, or I may listen to worship, study my Bible, read or write blogs, or do various business tasks on the computer and web and catch up on  phone calls. I do go home more refreshed and often have much to share from what I have pondered, read, calls I have had, or e mails I have answered.

With today’s technology of smart phones, laptops, and wireless hotspots it is easy to get a lot done and yet still be out in nature.

What are some things you enjoy doing alone that refresh you, that are not expensive, illegal, or immoral?

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