Long Term Consequences of Divorce

Especially if a couple has children when they divorce there are a lot of long term consequences to divorce. I have observed the awkwardness and uneasiness of parents and children at such things as graduations, weddings, and funerals where there has been a divorce and now there are new partners involved. I was just at a funeral of a friend’s father. He is a child of divorce and his biological mother was not there at the funeral. He pointed out that “Divorce messes up a family even grieving a lost one together.”

If you are a person who is actively pursuing a divorce from your spouse, I plead with you to slow down and give all you have to saving your marriage and truly ponder the long term implications of your actions.

If you are a person whose spouse is actively trying to end your marriage, I plead with you to keep praying and keep trying, keep looking for answers and I encourage you that “All things are possible with God.”

I became even more inspired to keep trying even when things looked hopeless after I watched the video series at “Choosing Wisely Before You Divorce”. It did a great job of bringing home the reality of the long term consequences of divorce.

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