Getting Real with God

I often tell people who are separated that I radically sought God during our own separation, and I encourage them to do the same because He is the ultimate Healer of relationships.

I probably don’t emphasize enough that although much of  my seeking God was listening to worship, quiet prayer, or various forms of Bible study, part of it was just being gut level honest with God. There were times I would go on a walk and probably walk a half mile or so mostly shouting at God about how much pain I was in and how much Sharon had hurt me.

One prayer I found very helpful was inspired by Neil Anderson in his book “Seven Steps to Freedom in Christ.” It went something like “God I am so furious at Sharon about _______ (whatever the day’s issue was). I hurt so deep to the core of my being and only You can heal this hurt.  I forgive Sharon and I renounce my right to seek revenge and chose not to hold onto my bitterness and anger, but I ask You to heal my damaged memories and damaged emotions. In Jesus name, amen. Over time Jesus did heal those deep wounds and I was more able to love Sharon in spite of our continued separation. When we did reconcile, although there was still pain, I wasn’t filled with anger and rage towards her.

God can handle you telling Him how you feel. He already knows. If you wonder if really pouring everything out to Him is okay, I encourage you to read the Psalms of David. David was very real about his feelings with God – all of them.

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