Jesus, Restorer of Our Marriage

Sometimes I think that I don’t remember to emphasize enough the many ways I sought Jesus during our separation, nor give Him the credit for healing our marriage. Sometimes maybe I make it sound  too easy – like we were separated 16 months and then, poof!, Jesus healed our marriage. There was a lot going on behind the scenes and for a long time our prospects did not look good. In many ways our marriage died and then He resurrected it.

Here are just some of the  ways I sought Jesus:

  • Praying through the prayers (which are very Scriptural) in “The Power of a Praying Husband” by Stormie O’Martian.
  • Speaking many Scriptures aloud.
  • Listening to worship songs; especially worship that was centered on God’s Word.
  • Fasting.
  • Being prayed for at various church services.
  • Going through Divorce Care which is heavily supported with Scripture.
  • Going through Reconciling God’s Way which points you first and foremost to God.
  • Intensive prayer counseling through “The Healing House Network”.

Someway, somehow, and in many ways I don’t understand, Jesus used all of this to bring healing to me personally and to our marriage.

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