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Random vs. Sequential Thinking

Over the years Sharon and I have taken many different personality assessments that help each person understand their own strengths and weaknesses. The idea, which I think is very valid, is that as you learn to understand your partner’s natural … Continue reading

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Win Hearts, Not Arguments

I thought this was a great post about learning to listen to our spouse and that if we think we’ve won an argument with them, in the long run our relationship has really lost. The trick is to remember these … Continue reading

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Love and War

John and Stasi Eldredge have a great book and DVD series out called “Love and War: Finding the Marriage You’ve Dreamed Of”. I read the book a while back but Sharon and I are now going through the video series. … Continue reading

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Masters Degree in Marriage

I thought this was an excellent post that emphasizes the importance of putting as much time and effort into our marriages as we would a Masters degree, and that the ultimate judge of how well we did in our marriage … Continue reading

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When “Love Subsides”

This quote from a post on the Marriage Missions International website reminded me how quickly so many of us give up on our relationships before we give them a chance. We are sucked into the culture’s answer of divorce when … Continue reading

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Anniversary of Engagement

I wrote the post below on  the week leading up to the anniversary of our engagement in May. Somehow it got lost in draft mode. When I found it again just reading it brought back good memories of our engagement … Continue reading

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Loving As God Would Have Us

I have often noticed that while there are some specific scriptures about marriage, compared to the size of the Bible the list is relatively small. However, there is much in the Bible about relationships, and marriage is a relationship between two people, … Continue reading

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If Only You Want to Improve Your Marriage

I have blogged several times about if you are the only one who wants to improve your marriage. I think this blog post from Jill Savage gives another good perspective on the same topic. Jill Savage – Keeping Hearts at … Continue reading

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Triathlon Training Helps Marriage

It’s nice to highlight this marriage of Dan and Alix Peyton’s where they are pulling together to support one another and meet mutual goals. Triathlon Training Helps Marriage

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Separation and Reconciliation are Just Hard

I had an opportunity the other day to review many of the emails, letters, and psychological tests from the time of our separation. I could see where both of us in our own time and way honestly and intensely sought … Continue reading

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